• <p>Im Schloss Farrach präsentiert sich der traditionelle Kunsthandwerksmarkt!</p> Copyright:Schloss Farrach
  • <p>Das Bild zeigt die Abendstimmung am kleinen Teich des Adventmarktes G'Schlössl im Murtal!</p> Copyright:
  • <p>Das Bild zeigt die Winterstimmung bei Schneefall bei den Hütten des Adventmarktes G'Schlössl im Murtal, in der Region Spielberg, im Herzen der Steiermark.</p> Copyright:
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Advent - time to take a break

Discover the time-out offers in Advent that will give you very special moments.

If you are looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of Christmas, we can offer you a variety of very special moments. Perhaps it is because the offers and events in the region are primarily initiated by people who have their hearts in the right place and who particularly value visitors and participants.

Take a trip through our pre-Christmas offer - discover our artisans at the wonderful Advent markets that take place in and around our small palaces and mansions. The numerous small and large Advent concerts give us moments of pause and contemplation.

Accompany us to very special "Sternstunden in Advent". These are common hikes away from the hustle and bustle, during which we discover special places in the region in a variety of ways: We will tie Advent wreaths together, taste the Seckau gingerbread, explore the Mur Valley with torches, experience the sunrise at the winter solstice and listen to winter fairy tales.