• <p>Der Schnee erfreut unsere Herzen.</p> Copyright:
  • <p>Das Bild zeigt ein Schneeherz in unserer Winterlandschaft - da ja das grüne Herz gewöhnlicherweise für die Steiermark steht möchten wir im Winter mit unserem Schneeherz in die Region rund um den Red Bull Ring einladen.</p> Copyright:
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Discover the region with us - whether on the slopes, with snowshoes or on the Red Bull Ring.

Discover with us the diversity that the region also offers in winter: from the best times that you can get together with some FIS skiiers on our slopes or the "time out" you experience while snowshoeing.

Be there when the ski lifts are open until the ghost hour on the "Long Night of Skiing" - or experience hiking on the quiet soles, like snowshoeing.