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Wellness and relaxation

Relaxation and enjoyment are part of every vacation. If you are looking for special wellness offers for your vacation in the Murtal, then you are right here.

Wellness and relaxation are part of every vacation, but for everyone in different forms. In any case, it makes our heart beat slower and we can really enjoy the time and the moment.

For all-round connoisseurs

For you, time stops and you can enjoy the whole day in the spa. The biggest change of the day, are the different saunas and infusions. Your heart will only start beating faster when you go to the cold pool or when you are spoilt for choice on the menu.

For short-term connoisseurs

For you, a trip to the sauna is an ideal opportunity to relax and then actively do a few laps in the sports pool again.

The health connoisseurs

You simply want to do something good for your body and soul and use the possibilities of relaxing massages or treatments. You love occasional wellness treatments, foot reflexology and facials.

Wellness and relaxation - from thermal baths to hay baths

Uses relaxing hours