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The Mur and its river adventures

The Mur is the lifeline that flows through the Mur Valley and is an important attraction for the people of the region in their leisure time.

The river is a meeting point for beautiful walks in the floodplains and riparian forests. Especially families love the natural spectacle of the Mur. Have you ever let a flat stone jump over the water? The different stations in the floodplains of the Mur inspire children again and again. It's great when they get to know and appreciate nature in this way.

Let your calves burn. On bike tours along the Mur cycle path you can take relaxing breaks and feel in harmony with nature.

If you want to experience the river in a completely different way, then take the opportunity to explore the Mur by rubber dinghy. During this pleasure boat trip you will not only discover hidden side arms of the Mura, but with a little luck you will also see rare water birds. But above all, you will be thrilled by the new perspective during this trip along the Mura.

The fishermen on the other hand love to go fly fishing in the Mura, especially huchen fishing is very popular here.

Discover the Mur - special places and opportunities

Whether it's the Mur cycle path, the Mur floodplains or fishing on the Mur