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    Our Hub System!

Hub system

Our bike Hub system is built like a spider web and so you can easily navigate from point to point and are independent of ready-made tours.

The bike network is structured as follows - all major intersections are numbered and are called junctions. At each node you will find a board with a map section.

With the help of our map you can individually create your route by noting the number of the other nodes and follow it.

This system allows much more spontaneity, because you can flexibly change your planned route - lengthen, shorten or follow new paths.

If you want to know how many kilometers you have traveled, just add up the distances between the nodes.

We did not invent this system, it has already been successfully used in other countries (e.g. Holland). So just try it out and be enthusiastic.

And tour tips - with the corresponding numbers - can be found in the tour tips!

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