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  • <p>Leihräder Murtal - 1000 Citybikes und Mountainbikes im Red Bull Ring Design stehen bei den Betrieben zur Verfügung.</p> Copyright:
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Rent a bike

1000 rental bikes are waiting for you! Take the opportunity to borrow a bike from your host or one of the rental stations.

1,000 bicycles (city bikes and mountain bikes) were distributed by the "Spielberg Project" (Red Bull Racing Track) in the region. At municipalities, restaurants and hotels, the bikes are available for residents and visitors.

So that you have the best mobile pedestal with which you can explore the area around the Red Bull Ring from the bike saddle. So the motto for everyone who roars through the Mur Valley on two wheels and wants to live out the tireless urge to discover and sport spirit is: Take the bike!

Reserve your bike when booking!