• <p>Mit dem Rad entlang der Mur fahren.</p>
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The Mur Cycling Path is known among aficionados as the most diverse scenic river bike path in the Alps, which by virtue of its course is a truly enjoyable cycling path - slightly downhill and with many culinary destinations. It begins in the High Tauern National Park and accompanies the Mur river through Austria's culinary capital of Graz to the wine and thermal springs country in the border triangle of Austria-Slovenia-Hungary.

Parallel to the second largest river in Austria, the over 458 km long Mur Cycle Path from the Hohe Tauern National Park in the Salzburg region winds through all of Styria, before finally crossing the northeast of Slovenia and Croatia for the last 100 km. Probably one of the most beautiful stages of the Murradweg is in the inner alpine basin - the Aichfeld - in which the Spielberg region is also located. A variety of hosts and accommodation on the R2 (Murradweg) invites you on your tour to take an extensive break here! Some of our destinations should also inspire you to linger.

The region is located on Stage 04 of the Murradweg - you can find more on this in the Murradweg profile.