The Mur Cycling Path is known among aficionados as the most diverse scenic river bike path in the Alps, which by virtue of its course is a truly enjoyable cycling path - slightly downhill and with many culinary destinations. It begins in the High Tauern National Park and accompanies the Mur river through Austria's culinary capital of Graz to the wine and thermal springs country in the border triangle of Austria-Slovenia-Hungary.

Parallel to Austria's second largest river, the Mur, the Murradweg winds its way from the Hohe Tauern National Park in Salzburger Land through the whole of Styria, finally crossing the northeast of Slovenia and Croatia on the last 100 km or so. 

The variety along the way

The special thing about the Murradweg is that you will feel and experience the diversity of all of Styria up close. You will experience how the landscape changes - you start surrounded by the mountains and end up in the flat Graz basin. You will feel the difference of the climate, if the air is fresher here, it will be milder in the south. But also the culinary changes - so you start at the cradle of beer, at the Murau beer and experience in the Murtal still numerous domestic beer varieties (Thalheimer, Gösser, Eisenerzer to before Graz the Flecks beer) - while in the south the wine dominates with countless excellent winegrowers. From Murtaler Steirerkäse to Käferbohnensalat (beetle bean salad) in the south, the culinary experience extends along the Murradweg. Culinary diversity is guaranteed on this tour!

Our stage 04

Probably one of the most beautiful stages of the Murradweg is in the Mur Valley, in the inner Alpine basin - the Aichfeld - where the Spielberg region is also located. A variety of inns and lodgings along the R2 (Murradweg) invite you to take a break on your tour! Our diverse destinations will inspire you and invite you to stay.

The region is located on stage 04 of the Murradweg - you can find more about it in the profile of the Murradweg.

What else you should know about the Murradweg!

How long is the entire Murradweg?

In Austria the Murradweg has 359 km, in Slovenia and Croatia: 94 km.

How long does it take to cycle the Mur cycle path?

In 8 to 10 days you can enjoy cycling the Mur Cycle Path including visits to the regional destinations. With an e-bike, of course, it's faster.

Arrival and return on the Murradweg?

  • The best connections for getting there and back can be found via ÖBB (Austrian Federal Railways) - please note that only a certain number of bikes can be transported along and must therefore be reserved.
  • Bacher Reisen: The bus company offers a transfer to the start of the Murradweg from Salzburg train station and airport and from the train stations Bischofshofen, Radstadt, Tamsweg. Various entry/exit options along the Murradweg are also offered. Advance booking is always necessary. A return service from Bad Radkersburg to the Lungau is also offered. More information at: - Tel.: +43 6477 8111

When is the best time to ride the Murradweg?

If you want to ride the whole Murradweg, then May to October is the best time. Please consider the big events at the Red Bull Ring (Formula 1, Moto GP) in your planning - because at this time the accommodations in the large radius (up to 60 km) are fully booked and especially with short-term booking it can come to problems.

Rooms at the Murradweg? Do I have to book rooms?

It is best to book the rooms for your tour in advance. Outside of major events, short-term bookings (the day before) are also possible. It is best to contact the Mura cycle path operators, as they are prepared for your requirements.

Murradweg with an e-bike?

The Murradweg is particularly easy to master with e-bikes. Our partner Bacher Reisen also offers e-bikes for rent. Recharging facilities are available along the entire route in Austria - whether in the municipality, at hotels or restaurants.

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Murradweg total distance

Here you can find the track to the entire Murradweg!


Stage 04 - Judenburg to Leoben - on the Mur Cycle Path

Here you can find the information about our stage on the Murradweg!


The individual stages of the Murradweg at a glance!

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