• <p>Klementikapelle und Ingeringsee in der Gaal - im Herzen der grünen Steiermark</p> Copyright:
  • <p>Der Maierangerkogel auf 2.356m liegt in den Seckauer Alpen.</p> Copyright:
  •  Copyright:
  • <p>Der Wildsee liegt in den Seetaler Alpen.</p> Copyright:WEGES OG
  • <p>Auf dem Weg zum Rosenkogel (Gaal) in den Seckauer Alpen kommen wir bei dieser kleinen Holzkapelle vorbei.</p> Copyright:
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Discover with us the fantastic Murtal mountains, the alpine pastures and peaks in the Seckauer and Seetaler Alps and Gleinalpe and Stubalpe!

When you come to the Mur Valley, you will find that the wide valley is surrounded by gentle mountain ranges, which are covered by snow caps until late spring. And especially in spring and autumn, when the snow is on the peaks and the valley is bathed in bright green or autumn colors, the mountains are especially attractive.

Relaxing Hikes

Whether along the Mur meadows, on the numerous circular hiking trails or on the gentle alpine pastures, if you would like to take relaxing hikes, then you have numerous options with us. Take advantage of this and discover fantastic viewpoints, beautiful natural jewels and tranquility

Summit Tours

If you are one of the more experienced hikers and you are happy about successful summit tours, you have enough opportunities for these in the Mur Valley. Because in the Mur Valley alone there are 92 peaks over 2,000 meters in altitude.

On the way together

If you would like to get to know our hiking area in a group, take advantage of the region's offer and join our guided tours that take place every weekend from April to the end of October.


You will always find particularly beautiful chapels on our mountains. A special feature is that we have twice a "Maria Schnee" ("Mary Snow"). The "Maria Schnee" on the Hochalm (Seckau Alps) is the well-known one, but you will also find a "Maria Schnee" on the Gleinalpe - both you can reach with very special hikes.