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    Here are the rental bikes!
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Rental bikes

1.000 rental bikes are waiting for you! You want to save yourself the trouble of taking your bike with you on vacation, then take the opportunity to borrow a bike from your host or one of the rental stations.

1.000 bikes (city bikes and mountain bikes) were distributed in the region by the Spielberg project. The bikes are available to residents and visitors of the Murtal at municipalities, restaurants and hotels.

And why?

So that you have the best ride with which to explore the area around the Red Bull Ring from the saddle of a bike. The motto for all those who want to roar through the Murtal on two wheels and live out their tireless urge to explore and their sporting spirit is: Take the bike, show your calf!

It's best to reserve your bike at the same time as booking!


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Electro bike for rent

Together you can explore the Murtal by bike. One pedals and the others let themselves be coached ;-)

The bike is a "covered" e-bike with a range of about 70 km for longer tours, but you can also take a spare battery. There is room for one rider and 2 other people.


  • Deposit € 50,-
  • Half day rental: € 30,-.
  • Full day rental: € 50,-

Incl. driver (subject to availability):

  • Half day: € 75,-
  • Full day: € 150,-

Since there is only one bike available at the moment, please make a reservation: Jürgen Steiner, juergens.velo.spass@gmail.com, Tel.: 0043 6642547046