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You want to race across the racetrack in a sports car - use our possibilities!

Whether KTM X-Bow, Porsche Cayman, Porsche GT2, Mitsubishi Evo IX, Nascar, Formula Renault or Formula 4 - you can experience the race feeling in these cars by yourself. Whether driving yourself or with a taxi driver, the adrenaline rush is guaranteed on these trips.


Depending on the vehicle and date you are using the "Driving Center" or the "Race Track". The Driving Center is a separate area on the Red Bull Ring, which is ideal for on-road trainings.

Taxi Driver

There are also appointments where you can also take a taxi driver. Use this opportunity to see how professionals accelerate, brake and turn - and be sure - this is a real experience.

With your own car

For those who have powerful engines in their car, there is the option on selected dates to go to the racetrack themselves and experience racing fever in their own car.