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Enduro Track "Area 24"

The existing offroad bike track at the Red Bull Ring has been extensively expanded in recent weeks. The result is a spacious area in the forest behind the Schönberg straight that makes enduro hearts beat faster. The new Riding Experiences in the "Area 24" can be booked now.

On ten sections with obstacles of varying degrees of difficulty - from simple forest areas to steep slopes to man-made stone fields - two-wheel enthusiasts can let off steam to their heart's content on their own bike or on a bike provided by the Red Bull Ring's own fleet of vehicles.

The track meets the highest standards and was put through its paces under racing conditions during the Enduro ÖM at the end of May. Area24" is not only suitable for professionals like Manuel Lettenbichler & Co, but also for two-wheeled novices.

Riding Experiences in the period from June 25 to October 23 are already bookable. In addition, the "Area24" will be open on selected dates exclusively for experienced trial athletes.

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