• <p>Auch die Rachau gehört zu St. Margarethen und ist für den Wipfelwanderweg, der jährliche tausende Besucher in die Region lockt, bekannt.</p>
  • <p>Blick auf die Kirche in St. Margarethen.</p>
  • <p>Auch im Ortskern von St. Margarethen bestimmt die Kirche das Ortsbild.</p>
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St. Margarethen village

St. Margarethen near Knittelfeld consists of the districts: St. Margarethen, St. Lorenzen and Rachau and especially known for its treetop hiking trail.

The residential community at the foot of the Gleinalpe is a popular stop on the Murradweg, located between Mur and Gleinalpe, it is a popular cycling and hiking area. Thanks to the community's commitment, some official mountain bike trails could be generated here, which also offer a bit of variety to the enthusiastic cyclists.

Numerous sporting events - especially running events - have become more important in recent years, both on the Wipfelwandweg and in the community. In general, St. Margarethen, as a pleasant place with a very active club life, is a very active tourism community in the region.