• <p>Aussicht auf Seckau von oben.</p>
  • <p>Gemeinde Seckau Hauptplatz, Murtal, Steiermark</p>
  • <p>Hier sehen Sie den Innenhof und die Basilika der Abtei Seckau - einer der schönsten Kulturschätze des Murtals - in der Region Spielberg im Herzen der grünen Steiermark</p> Copyright:
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The village of Seckau is located in the south of the Seckau Alps and was also the namesake of the "Nidere Tauern" mountain range.

The importance of Seckau is mainly due to the Benedictine Seckau Abbey. This was founded in 1140 as an Augustinian canon and today the basilica and the monastery are still a magnet for people.

Embedded in the foothills of the Lower Tauern lies the market town with its well-known Benedictine abbey on a high plateau above the Mur valley. The monastery was founded in 1140 as an Augustinian choir monastery. In the Middle Ages, it was not only the bishop of the diocese of Seckau who was based here; the canons were also known for their illuminations, which were then made in the writing workshops. Again and again we become aware of the radiance of the place "Seckau". From August 21 to 23, 1660, Kasier visited Leopold I Seckau and granted market rights at the time.