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    Municipality Weißkirchen
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Gemeinde Weißkirchen

Gaberlstraße and Obdacherstraße intersect at a fine, secluded spot. Here, in the middle of the green Murtal, lies Weißkirchen. This market town in Zirbenland has a lot to offer for explorers and treasure hunters.

precious stones

Here you will find the sparkling world of gemstones Krampl. Let yourself be enchanted by the shine and the variety of stones from all over the world. The special exhibition gives fascinating insights, where you can even find glowing minerals. A special fun for the little ones is the stone pool, where you can go in search of your personal lucky stone.

A tour of the gemstone cutting workshop provides a glimpse into the old craftsmanship and the special tools and machines that are necessary for this. Here you can experience how works of art and unique pieces of a special kind are created. In the jewelry workshop you can look behind the scenes of the jewelry manufactory. Be active yourself and try your hand at various workshops in the art of stone cutting, design your own bracelets or experience the art of pottery up close. Of course you will also find a shop here from which you can take the most beautiful creations home with you as a souvenir.

pilgrimage church

The pilgrimage church in Maria Buch, a part of Weißkirchen, is also impressive. It is one of the oldest pilgrimage churches in Austria. The mighty high altar from 1651 is entwined with golden vines. A special feature is the late Gothic statue of the Mother of God from 1480, which is enthroned under a striking canopy in the middle of the altar. The church offers space for masses, but also for religious concerts and consecrations. It is a popular attraction for pilgrimages and attracts many pilgrims every year.

Hike to the castle ruins

Another exciting building in Weißkirchen is the ruins of Eppenstein. It is easily accessible on foot with an easy hike in Zirbenland. Thanks to the local castle association, the 11th-century castle is in very good condition. Feel the past between the mighty walls and enjoy the wide view of the Murtal below you. An imposing bridge takes you to the rocks of the castle. Many legends are entwined around the old walls. The hike here is also suitable for children and promises to be an exciting experience. Kidnap your children in the world of knights, kings and court jesters, this is where the wildest stories come from.

Thanks to its connection to nature, Weißkirchen, along with Judenburg and Obdach, is part of the Zirbenland. The producers of this brand have completely dedicated themselves to the miracle stone pine. Great products made from the oil, wood and seeds of the tree accompany you here. Taste the heavenly creations and let the extraordinary creations convince you. The accommodation providers and producers will be happy to advise you on how Swiss stone pine can positively influence your life.

50plus camping

Weisskirchen has something to offer for everyone. In the district of Fisching you will find the first 50plus camping facility in Austria. The dreamlike place is reserved for the 50plus generation. "Quality instead of mass" is the motto. Here you can spend relaxing days in the company of like-minded people, be spoiled with culinary delights and simply have a good time. Do leisurely swimming laps in the bathing pond and enjoy the landscape and the tranquility after an active day in the Murtal.

Weißkirchen has a lot to offer for young and old, for small and large.