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    Municipality St. Peter ob Judenburg
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Gemeinde St. Peter ob Judenburg

St. Peter is located between St. Georgen and Judenburg. This is where old architecture meets traditional craftsmanship and a love of nature goes hand in hand with alpaca hikes.

Discover a piece of untouched nature in the green meadow landscape of St. Peters. Here you will find a variety of plants and animals. Hear the murmur of the Mur while you walk along the green landscape, pause and observe. Here a lizard, there a rare flower, here a squirrel there a mushroom never seen before. Nature has so many treasures in store for you here.

Hiking with alpacas

Another nature experience has its home in St. Peter. Here you will find the Murtal alpacas and the Wieserhof with its cuddly friends. Wander through the silent countryside with these good-natured, friendly animals. Relaxation and contentment will spread through you while you stroll comfortably next to the funny fellows. Children in particular have the greatest joy here. They proudly march through the woods with their new buddies, calm and exuberant at the same time.

Many products such as soaps, socks, headbands, bed linen, cuddly toys and many more are made from alpaca wool. It is one of the most durable and durable natural fibers. Since it repels dirt and is self-cleaning, it is highly recommended for allergy sufferers. Due to the natural temperature regulation, the wool has a warming, cooling and calming effect at the same time. The extraction is sustainable and no animal has to suffer or be harmed. The two farms have a lot of other interesting information about the animal favorites and the precious natural product. Be curious what awaits you.

Rothenthurm Castle

On the way through St. Peter, one building in particular catches the eye. Rothenthurm Castle. You will find the two-winged building in the core of the district of the same name in the municipality of St. Peter ob Judenburg. There are many stories about the venerable building, which was first mentioned in 1269. The castle is privately owned, but is always open for various events. The castle courtyard has often served as a fairground for Corpus Christi celebrations, song festivals and concerts. Lectures and readings are held again and again in the magnificent halls. The house therefore fulfills a well-known place in the cultural life of the village.

Old blacksmithing

The blacksmith trade in St. Peter is also interesting. This craft is impressively demonstrated in the smithy in Furth. Guided tours of the Blacksmith Museum can be booked here. But you can also do it yourself in courses. A self-forged knife is a special feature that not everyone has. Or do you prefer a self-forged pan? Many souvenirs can also be purchased here. Stay tuned.