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    Municipality St. Georgen ob Judenburg
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St. Georgen ob Judenburg

Sankt Georgen ob Judenburg is located on the upper reaches of the Mur, between Judenburg and Unzmarkt-Frauenburg. All is right with the world here. Walk between green forests and lush meadows and forget everyday life.

fairy forest

Sankt Georgen has one of the highlights in the Murtal region. Here you will find the fairytale forest. Experience action, excitement and culinary hospitality. In the fun park you can really step on the gas on an area of ​​7000 square meters. Climbing towers are high and you can really let off steam on the trampolines. Become cowboys and Indians and experience wild chases in the Wild West Fort. Become a creepy pirate and zoom down the slide with the robber runabouts. Experience the fairy tale of a thousand and one nights and get on the flying carpet. Transform into temple robbers and conquer the laser course in search of the lost treasure.

More than 130 fairy tale characters tell the stories that grandma used to love hearing as a child. Set back in your own childhood, you and your family will discover many fairy tale treasures that have actually been forgotten for a long time. A walk through the quiet forest brings back memories and you will be delighted to hear the characters tell stories. A new surprise awaits around every corner.

How about a round of Black Light Minigolf? Conquer the 18 luminous holes, let your senses be fooled and experience golfing fun of a special kind.

After an exciting, boisterous day, you can also let yourself be spoiled with culinary delights here. The delicacies from the kitchen prepare true culinary delights. It is not for nothing that the Sonnenhof is known far beyond the borders as the "Schnitzelwirt".

If one day here is not enough for you, then you can also spend the night here like a fairy tale before you plunge into the next adventure the next day.

Romanesque style church

A real cultural treasure is the church in Sankt Georgen. This was built in the Romanesque style in the 13th century and expanded in the 15th century with a Gothic-style apse and sacristy. The Romanesque tower, which can be recognized from afar with its baroque onion dome, is characteristic. Striking here are the murals, which were the basis for the establishment of the George Archives. It is a center for cultural and scientific exchange. Here you will find impressive finds from the Stone, Celtic and Roman times.

In St. Georgen life is still like it used to be. With peace and fun, young and old enjoy nature and culture and find many a treasure trove of fairy tales.