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Gemeinde Pölstal

The market town of Pölstal is located in the northern part of our Murtal adventure region in the green heart of Styria. Here you will find a natural paradise of a special kind, because a good two-thirds of the total area of ​​the Pölstal is forested. Here you can feel the beating heart of nature in the most original way, smell the mossy forest floor, hear the gentle rustling of the trees in the wind, taste the clear spring water.

silver mine

The Pölstal holds many treasures. Already around 1000 BC, silver was mined in the upper Pölstal, in Oberzeiring. This was documented by important historical finds. In the 13th century the Zeiringer mine was at its peak and was the largest silver mine in Styria. A separate coin, the “Zeyringer Pfennig”, was also allowed to be minted here.

Mining at that time was extremely arduous. The crawl spaces were never higher than 1.20 meters. Unfortunately, the mine came to an abrupt end when it was flooded in 1361, and not a single miner survived the disaster. Again and again attempts were made to dry out the tunnel and thus get to the silver. Iron ore and more than 45 other minerals were also found in the mine. Including the unique Zeiringit, which you cannot find anywhere else.

In 1958 a small part of the 80 km long silver mine was opened as a show tunnel with a museum. The impressive mine has been repeatedly renovated and expanded and received the Austrian Museum Seal of Approval in 2018. Here you can live with history. There are still many traces of the manual mining of the silver. On a 60-minute tour you will discover the secrets of the tunnel in an impressive way.

Formerly a mine - today a health resort

Today, however, the tunnel has a completely different meaning, namely an incredibly positive effect on the respiratory tract. Today the mine contains a natural healing tunnel for spa purposes. Internationally recognized healing successes in relation to respiratory diseases can be achieved here. The successes are based on the unique air composition of the silver tunnel. The temperature is constant at 8°C in both summer and winter, with humidity up to 98%. The air in the tunnel is therefore free of dust and allergens. The content of calcium ions and carbonic acid is increased.

During the full hour of therapy, patients relax on comfortable health loungers and are well looked after by therapists on the spacious therapy floor. The Heilstollen can be reached via a lift directly from the health resort. A positive effect on the respiratory tract is noticeable after just a few days, sleep disorders are reduced and medication doses can be reduced. Here you will spend a relaxing time, where history was once made.

Walk to the castle

At the end of the 15th century, Hanfelden Castle was built by a toll collector in Unterzeiring. Over the years, the Renaissance castle has only been changed very sparingly and has therefore proven to be a stroke of luck for historians in Styria and Austria. Much here is reminiscent of times long past and tells how life used to be. Gradually, the castle walls are carefully restored. Combines a walk across the green fields and meadows with a visit to this place steeped in history.

Fit and healthy

But the Pölstal not only has something to offer for culture explorers and those who want to relax, sports junkies will also get their money's worth. Discover the extensive hiking area and embark on a journey through green nature. Have fun in the Möderbrugg, St. Johann and Oberzeiring leisure facilities. Natural bathing fun at its finest awaits you. In winter, the Pölstal children's ski lift invites you to try your first turns and ski courses.

Relaxing, exciting, active and entertaining - that is the Pölstal in our Murtal adventure region.