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Gemeinde Obdach

The municipality of Obdach lies harmoniously in the valley of the Granitzenbach north of the Obdacher saddle, the transition from our Murtal to the Lavanttal. To the west, the municipality extends to the Seetal Alps with the region's king of the summits, the Zirbitz. Here is a wonderful hiking area. Wide paths and a wonderful view from the summit are waiting for you.

The Zirbitzkogel watches over the Murtal almost majestically. Spectacular impressions from the summit of the king of the pine country lure you to the next mountain tour. The ascent leads through closed spruce forests, which are then replaced by larch and stone pine. Hike past crystal-clear lakes and roam through a piece of untouched nature, where with luck you can also see marmots or chamois. Early risers climb the summit in the dark and are then rewarded with a sunrise that is absolutely worth seeing. Enjoy a steaming mug of coffee while the sun paints the valley below you dark red.

Incidentally, the Zirbitzkogel doesn't get its name from the stone pine, as might be assumed, but from the Croatian čьrvenica, which translates as "red region". From the end of June to the beginning of July, the blooming alpine rose colors the area around the Zirbitz in the most beautiful shades of red and pink. This natural spectacle fascinates many hikers every year. Up here you will also find the well-known gentian and the effective St. John's wort.

Many roads lead not only to Rome, but also to the Zirbitz in Zirbenland.

stone pine

A popular starting point and return point to the summit king is the Sabathyhütte. In the midst of fragrant stone pine forests you can leave everyday life and stress behind you. The original life is enjoyed to the fullest. After the challenges of hiking through the woods, you can switch off here, look back proudly on your hiking experience and really have a good time. Enjoy a tasty snack and try the comprehensive range of stone pines. Grandma's recipes are still used here. Try the specialties from the Zirbenland. Do you know pine schnapps? But have you ever tasted ZIN - Gin made from stone pine? Stone pine, Zirup and Stone pine jelly are just a few of the wonderful products waiting to be tasted by you. The Swiss stone pine has a lot to offer, and not only in culinary terms. It also plays an important role in body care. It has a balancing and extremely nurturing effect. Try pine soap or pine shampoo. The body will thank you.

Together with Judenburg and Weißkirchen, Obdach is part of the Zirbenland. The producers of this brand have completely dedicated themselves to the miracle stone pine. Here this great tree accompanies you through your vacation.

winter fun

Of course, Obdach not only offers a special kind of nature experience in the warm season. There are also numerous activities waiting for you in winter. Try your hand at snowshoeing and move weightlessly over thick layers of snow. Train your endurance with cross-country skiing. Enjoy the fairytale winter landscape with unbelievable far-reaching views while making your mark on the cross-country ski run. Of course, skiers don't miss out here either

With the Obdach ski lift and the Rieseralm ski region, Obdach offers a snow experience for beginners and weaving fun on the slopes for professionals. There are long slopes of various levels of difficulty, always with a view of the Zirbitz. This is the right ski area for young and old. Fairytale figures along the slopes encourage the little ones to take part in winter sports, and mogul slopes challenge your courage. The fun park lets you feel your heart pounding when you jump over obstacles, tubes and ramps. The button and drag lifts take you up the slopes and down a wide variety of slopes and alleys. Fun for the whole family.

The market town of Obdach - family vacation with acceleration to deceleration.