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Großlobming & Kleinlobming

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Lobmingtal Valley

Lobmingtal lies at the foot of the Stubalpe and is the ideal vacation spot for those looking for peace and relaxation and the starting point for many hiking and walking trails. The districts of Großlobming and Kleinlobming belong to the Lobming Valley.

The community "Lobmingtal" with the districts of Kleinlobming and Großlobming is characterized by varied natural landscapes. The valley and the hiking mountains can be found in the Lobmingtal. The town centers of the two districts represent very special centers for the residents, here people still meet on various occasions and celebrate together. Located south of Knittelfeld, the municipal area is bordered by the Mur to the north and the Gleinalpe to the northeast.


The district is located directly on the Murradweg and lies on the plain, numerous circular routes offer the locals and guests numerous opportunities for wonderful walks. Around the castle, where there is now a school and an unusual herb garden, there are also numerous high-quality inns, which locals also like to visit.


The district with its small, inviting town center lies at the foot of numerous hikes. From here there are some beautiful circular routes, but also tours, such as on the local mountain of the Knittelfelder, the stone plan can be undertaken from here. With its own swimming pool, ski lift and ice rink, Kleinlobming has always been a very well-equipped rural community and therefore there are still many long-standing guests here.


The Lobming Valley was settled in the 7th and 8th centuries AD. by Slavic settlers. This can be derived from the Slavic place names Lobming (from lom) and Lobmingbach (from lomnik). The first written record comes from the year 927.

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