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Judenburg in the Murtal in Judenburg looks back on a eventful history. In the middle ages, this city was an important place on the trade route between Venice and Vienna. Due to museums, important buildings and the Italien flair the historical influences from this time, are still noticeable today. The past meets the modern in Judenburg. Let yourself be carried away to distant galaxies in the highest planetarium, breathe nostaligic air in the Puch Museum and walk in the footsteps of long forgotten times in the Museum Judenburg.

Historic soil

The area of Judenburg was already settled in the Hallstatt period, about 800 BC. In 1851 the Strettweg cult chariot was found during field work. Today, the burial object is considered the most important find from this period. A copy of it is exhibited in the archaeological museum Murtal in Judenburg and is explained in detail here.

Judenburg was mentioned as Mercatum Judinburch in 1074 for the first time. At that time Jewish merchants hat an important role in the region. According to documents, Jews werde active as money lenders in the 13th century. Judenburg took parte of a range of special features at that time. In this town there was the oldest stacking right in Austria. Here traders could stock and offer their goods for fee. A further important pillar of the town was the trade with iron, which influences this region right now. Furthermore Judenburg had a monopoly on the trade with Speik. This flower was used for perfumes. Today you can still buy products from Speik in Judenburg, such as soaps. Judenburg had its own currency, the Judenburg Gulden. Long time it was considered as the most important gold coin in Austria.

The impressive history of this city is shown in the town museum. How did the town get his name? How large was the city in former times? Especially the detailed model of the city, shown in this museum, delights young and old people.

Mediterranean flair

Since Judenburg is located on the trade route between Venice and Vienna, this town was very much influenced by Italy, which can still be felt here today. Small alleys and beautiful courtyards invite you to relax and enjoy.

Furthermore, you will find here the highest free-standing tower in Austria. The Sternenturm was built around 1500 and initially functioned as a watchtower in which a fire watchman lived. After five fires, it reached its final height of 75.66 meters. Today, the Sternenturm is a popular destination and provides the highest planetarium in the world. Numerous shows take visitors into space and explain alien spheres - a spectacle for young and old.

You can go upstairs via 254 steps or more easily with the glass elevator. The viewing gallery of the tower is located at a hight of 42 meters. Enjoy your coffee or a refreshing prosecco from the cafe in the tower. You can enjoy a wonderful view over the whole Murtal.

Let yourself be spoiled by the specialties of the Zirbenland. ogether with Obdach and Weißkirchen, Judenburg is part of the Zirbenland brand, which is completely dedicated to the natural wonder of Zirbe. In Judenburg you will find products made from this speciality. Spicy fragrance oil, which has a positive effect on mind and body, inspiring Zirben-drinks, which will spoil you tastily. Furthermore you can buy some nourishing care products, which will remind you of the wonderful time in the middle of pure nature for a long time.

Nostalgia for motor fans

The Puch Museum puts you in a nostalgic mood. The cult brand of cars, motorcycles and bicycles is focused here. Admire Pinzgauer, Haflinger, old racing cars and rattling engines. A special highlight is the traditional Puch Parade, which takes place on 15th August each year and attracts many fans from home and abroad.

Pure Nature

Nature lovers will enjoy Judenburg. As a part of the Zirbenland, Judenburg invites you to relax with its green woods and fragrant Zirben trees. Wide field paths offer a great start for your bike tours. Do you like to enjoy a hike to the Zirbitzkogel in the Seetal Alps. Your reach the Winterleitenhütte by car. Here you find two wonderful lakes in gorgeous surroundings. Here you forgget the everday life.

Judenburg offers Italian flair, historic ambience and lots of treasures to discover.