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Legal fusion of tourist offices in styria

On October 1, 9 tourism associations from 20 communities joined forces to form a new region - the Murtal. The tourist region stretches from Unzmarkt to St. Margarethen, from Hohentauern to Obdach, and is now jointly represented to the outside world under the Murtal brand.

As part of the Styrian structural reform, the tourism associations were merged on the part of the state. The Murtal, which has already worked together very successfully in this constellation for the last few years, has now also been brought together under a new brand.

In the Murtal there were 9 tourism associations so far - region Spielberg, Knittelfeld, Fohnsdorf, Judenburg, Weißkirchen, Obdach, Urtal, region Pölstal and Hohentauern. Now the new structure is to facilitate the work and above all to make a marketing strength possible, which were not possible by the small structures partly.

In the whole of Styria, 96 tourism associations have now become 11 associations as part of the structural reform, which can now also present themselves as strong partners of Styrian tourism. In Murtal, the team of the individual associations has now taken up their posts in the new structure and is looking forward to being able to act even more effectively for guests and businesses in the new constellation.

The headquarters are in Spielberg, so the tourism office is located directly at the Red Bull Ring. The locations are still open and guarantee high service quality. The adress of the new headquarter: Red Bull Ring Str. 1, 8724 Spieleberg

The following tourism associations were merged:

  • Spielberg Region Tourism Association, Red Bull Ring Strasse 1, 8724 Spielberg
  • Tourism Association Pölstal, Marketplace 3, 8762 Oberzeiring
  • Hohentauern Tourist Association, Tauernstrasse 15, 8785 Hohentauern
  • Tourist office Judenburg, Hauptplatz 6, 8750 Judenburg
  • Tourist office Knittelfeld, Hauptplatz 15a, 8720 Knittelfeld
  • Tourist office Fohnsdorf, Hauptplatz 9, 8753 Fohnsdorf

and the following tourism associations without office location:

Urtal Tourism Association, Weißkirchen Tourism Association, Obdach Tourism Association.


  • Manuela Machner