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Snowshoe hike from Stüblergut to Wölkerkogel

10km - 330hm - 4 h. - medium distance tour 

The low mountain landscape of the Stubalpen in the adventure region Murtal and Lippizanerheimat is scenically predestined for snowshoe or winter hikes. The path leads through dense forests to the Alte Almhaus, with occasional open spaces offering a beautiful view of the Wölzer Tauern and the Seckau Alps. During the ascent and descent to the Alte Almhaus you can make good use of the wind- and weather-protecting function of the forest, because at the latest from the Alte Almhaus you are on open areas, where you have to reckon with more or less wind. The goal of the hike is the Wölkerkogel, on which instead of a summit cross a widely visible statue of the Virgin Mary, "Steinerne Miarz" is enthroned.

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