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On the heights above Rattenberg Graben

Tour 2c -16.7 km - 780 m elevation gain - 5 hours

The view "Auf der Höh" after a wooded ascent through the Rattenberger Graben will surprise many a hiker. A special place to enjoy.

The small town of Rattenberg is a cadastral community of Fohnsdorf and is located on the northern edge of the largest inner-Alpine basin in Styria, the Judenburg-Knittelfelder basin. The name Rattenberg can be traced back to Rottenburg Castle, which was built in the 11th century. A few remains of the Rottenburg can be found on the approx. 1000 m high wooded Schlossberg, which lies at the beginning of the Rattenberg Graben. Large dams were built along this deep ditch. One of the worst catastrophes for the town of around 200 inhabitants occurred on July 15, 1985, when the flooding of the Rattenberg Bach caused severe damage. On this hike, part of the trail runs right next to the creek that flows in a distinct and heavily eroded V-valley. Depending on the season, the ascent is recommended in the morning or around noon, when the sun's rays reach the stream bed and the water and the natural accompanying vegetation are shown in a special light.

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