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Lavant spring from the Waldheimhütte

8,7km - 410hm - 4h. - medium round tour - Seetaler Alps

In the middle of the Seetaler Alps a technically easy snowshoe hike. The scenery is fabulous and the view of the Zirbitzkogel is guaranteed - good weather provided.

On the way in the Zirbenland: A leisurely snowshoe hike with pleasant ascents and descents and beautiful views awaits us here on the eastern side of the Seetaler Alps in the Murtal adventure region. The destination of the hike is a wide, soft-formed cirque in the midst of the impressive mountain scenery of the Seetaler Alps. The Waldheimhütte is a well-known and popular starting point for hikes in summer and winter. There are several beautiful snowshoe hikes from here, including a hut hike to the Alpengasthof Sabathy, or the hike to the Zirbitzkogel. We hike through a large stand of Swiss stone pines, which also gave its name to the region Zirbenland. You should take the time to take a closer look at the bizarre growth forms of the stone pines, which have been created by wind and weather. A hike according to the motto: Zirbe, Zirbitz, Zirbenland - a wonderful snowshoe area that promises a lot and keeps it.

Murtal: panoramic snowshoe round trip hike!

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