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Hochalm - Maria Schnee from Kühberger

Tour 24a / 10.3 km - 790 m elevation gain - 4 hours - medium distance tour

"Maria Schnee" is the fairytale name of the highest pilgrimage site in the Eastern Alps, located on the Hochalm. The hike in the Murtal in Styria in the Seckau Alps offers fantastic views. The idyllic mountain church is a very special place for many pilgrims.

Murtal hiking tip: A detour to the nearby summit cross, here the view extends to the Eisenerz Alps.

The view, which stretches from the Seetal Alps to the Semmering, is unique and the panorama is impressive!

Pilgrimage service: pilgrimage services are celebrated annually on the first Sunday in July and August, on Anna Day (July 26) and on August 5 (patrocinium of Maria Schnee).

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