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Hike around the Liechtensteinberg

Tour 4a - 7.9km - 330hm - 3.30 hours - easy historical family tour

Circular hike around the Liechtensteinberg with great views of Judenburg and the Aichfeld, crossing some cow pastures. Extension to Maria Buch possible.

From the main square via Weyergasse - along the Murradweg - to Weyerplatz, onto Feebergstraße. At the "Bergweg" crossing, follow hiking trail 25 to "Wastl am Eck". The further way markings along the forest road can be clearly seen from the crossing cow gates. Several cow pastures must be crossed.

After about an hour you reach "Wastl am Eck", a former snack bar. There are a few benches to rest on the way.

Continue along the wide forest path in the direction of Jahnstein (hiking trail 20). Descent in the direction of "Wöllmerdorf Judenburg" - hiking trail 25, across the forest to the next forest path. Here it goes right on the forest path to the next fork, always follow hiking trail 25 in the direction of Judenburg. Through the forest and along the fields in the direction of Judenburg, transition to hiking trail 324. Descent via Calvary Church and the Stations of the Cross along the Purbachweg. Back to Weyerplatz.

From here a short climb back to the center of Judenburg.

author tip

If you have enough stamina, continue on hiking trail 20 - 324 in the direction of Jahnstein to Benediktweg. From here you can descend to Maria Buch.

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