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Habring snowshoe hike

Tour: 8,1km, 4h., 560hm,

The market town Pölstal in the adventure region Murtal consists of the villages Bretstein, Oberzeiring, St. Oswald Möderbrugg and St. Johann am Tauern. The village of Oberzeiring is known for its spa center, which specializes in the treatment of respiratory diseases. The historic market has also made a name for itself with the show mine and the THEO studio stage. In summer and winter, numerous hikers are on the local recreational trails in the region. A repeatedly mentioned and also well-known peak is the Habring at 1497 m, which is located in the southwest of the village. A few decades ago, the peak was still full of views, but now there is nothing left of the view, as the peak is in the middle of the forest. Nevertheless, the summit is attractive because we find here a beautiful summit cross with edelweiss, a location board with altitude information and a rest area. This snowshoe hike requires a good sense of direction on the descent, otherwise it is recommended to choose the descent via the ascent route.

A snowshoe hike from Oberzeiring to the 1497 m high Habring.

Murtal: Panoramic snowshoe hike

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