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Gaal circular hiking trail part 1

Tour 20a - 20.7 km - 990 m elevation gain - 7 hours

We start at the Gasthaus Kaiser (or Gasthof Gaalerhof). We walk along the Ingeringseestraße on asphalt for a short time, then through a small settlement of houses along the Ingering hiking trail through forests and pastures - well marked, until you can already see the Reicherhube on the right-hand side. There, a bit back on the hiking trail, always uphill to the "Wolfgrube" junction (where you can also walk along a red-white-red marking to vlg. Bohrer in the direction of the villages of Ingering II or Gaal) over a short stretch of meadow back into the forest. You have the opportunity to climb a summit (Repenstein or Ringkogel or further to the Pletzen). Along the forest path to the wood yard vlg. Gaalreiter; Here you have the choice of either hiking to the "Almstüberl" or to the "Steinwenderhütte". From the Steinwender Hütte, you continue past a game reserve towards the valley to the Gasthaus Wachter.

Hiking tip

Three huts with wonderful delicacies, we can start the tour at any time, there is always the possibility of being picked up by car from the huts and the inn... Repenstein, Ringkogel or Pletzen summit experiences, etc...

Interesting viewpoints

View of Gaal from Musenboden; deer enclosure; Almstüberl View of the Gaaldorf in the Mur Valley in Styria.

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