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From the historic ruins of Reifenstein to the Sauerbrunn spring near Thalheim Castle

Tour 3d - 13 km - 410hm - 3.30 hours - easy historical family tour with good prospects

Use the tour to escape from everyday life and explore the ruins of Reifenstein from the outside. Entering the ruins is prohibited, as the ruins are in danger of collapsing. You can also explore the Sauerbrunn spring at Thalheim-Sauerbrunn Palace, which was already known in antiquity, and other mineral water springs in the vicinity.

On the go...With respect for wild animals and the environment!

In the Pölstal, the preservation of the untouched nature is particularly important. To ensure that people's pleasure does not become a problem for wild animals and nature, considerate measures are required.

For the love of nature and the environment, correct behavior in the mountains is the top priority for hikers.

- Use the designated parking spaces

- Do not block any driveways and please observe local driving bans

- Pay attention to information boards at the starting points and stick to the recommended marked routes

- Avoid approaching wild animals

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