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Easy snowshoe hike to the schwarzer Herrgott

10,8km - 410hm - 4h. - easy tour - Gaaler Höhenzug - 

through the Allerheiligengraben near Fohnsdorf to the wayside cross "schwarzer Herrgott"

There are numerous and comfortable local recreation and hiking trails north of the town of Fohnsdorf on the Gaaler Höhenzug in the Murtal adventure region. These trails are popular in summer and winter and yet you are sometimes very lonely on the road. The interesting thing about the Gaaler Höhenzug, which is located to the south of the Seckau Alps, is the snow and weather influences from the north and the branched valley forms. The last winters you could find beautiful tours here, because the snow in the shady areas has kept for a long time. One of these hikes leads through the Allerheiligengraben to the wayside cross "Schwarzer Herrgott". Elfi Lukas describes in the book Von Schloss zu Schloss (From Castle to Castle): "When lightning once struck the wayside cross, the statue of Christ turned black but did not burn. It has survived through several generations." The hike is mainly on forest roads and is perfect for pleasure hikers and beginners. On the one hand, orientation is easy, even if markings are missing here and there, and on the other hand, the climbs are mostly leisurely and therefore easier on your strength. This forest snowshoe tour allows in between beautiful views of the opposite slopes of the Gaaler Höhenzug. If you take a closer look at the surroundings, you will notice the dilapidated huts, which have something mystical about them and reveal the agricultural structures from times long past.

Murtal: Popular snowshoe hike

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