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Around the ruins of Eppenstein

Tour 41b: 10.8 km, 3 hours, 260 m elevation gain - easy -

The Circular Hiking Trail 324, distinguished by red/white markings, is a must-do for all castle and hiking enthusiasts visiting the Murtal region. Starting at the historical Eppenstein Castle ruins, follow the signposts towards Weißkirchen. It's the perfect route to bring your camera and capture the breathtaking view from the ruins over the sprawling Murtal below!

From the town center, the path first leads to Eberdorf, offering constant vistas of the impressive Eppenstein Castle ruins. Upon reaching Eppenstein, you have a choice: Either take the marked trail via Falmoar for the ascent or choose the shorter, well-signposted forest route.

Thanks to the relentless efforts and countless hours invested by the Castle Association, the Eppenstein Castle ruins stand today in a remarkable state. From its heights, enjoy an unparalleled panoramic view over the Murtal. The return route takes you through Vordersieding and Mühldorf, past the Sattler recreational facility, and back to Weißkirchen.

Tip: For a refreshing break, consider a detour to the Mostschenke Korer. From the ruins, it's just about a 30-minute walk along well-marked paths.

Conclusion: promising family-friendly circular hiking trail

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