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7 Styrian innkeepers in the Murtal adventure region thought to themselves: "Together is stronger than alone" and a wonderfully hikeable idea was born that you can melt in your mouth: "Hiking in the wonderfully quiet, energy-giving and relaxing surroundings of your establishments with a well-filled picnic backpack". 

The pleasure hiker can look forward to easy, relaxing hikes that are between 4 and 12 km long and an outdoor picnic. The #wirtewandern backpack includes a meal (cold or warm) for 2 people including dishes, 2 homemade pastries and 2 drinks of your choice (price: € 35.00) and is simply returned to the inn after the hike.

With it are:

  • Gasthof Wachter in Gaal
  • Hotel Hubmann in Kleinlobming
  • Hotel Perschler in Fohnsdorf
  • Alpine inn Sabathy in Obdach
  • Hotel Gasthof Lercher in Murau
  • Inn Neurad in Thaling
  • Gasthof Beren in Bretstein

How it works:

  • Choose a hike
  • Choose 2 meals and 2 drinks per #wirtewandern backpack
  • Order at least 2 hours before pickup
  • Pick up time between 10:00 am to 2:00 pm
  • Enjoy the food during the hike OR walk to the #wirtewandern place of the inn
  • Return your backpack and remember to stamp it
  • Post your photo on Facebook or Instagram with #wirtewandern 

This project was developed together with WEGES and the innkeepers of the region.

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