• The scent of pine is in the air! - The scent of pine is in the air! - The scent of pine is in the air! -
    The scent of pine is in the air!
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The taste of the Zirbe

Did you know that Swiss stone pine, the so called Zirbe, can lower the heart rate and thus ensure a more relaxed, deeper sleep? Have you ever drunk Zirbe? Or eaten the Zirbe? NO - well then it's high time!

The Zirbe invites you to enjoy. In the Murtal you can taste, smell and feel this natural wonder. Some providers in the region have specialised in the miracle of this tree. How about a sparkling prosecco with Zirbe as an aperitif? Or Zirbe´s jelly as a delicacy with cheese? For dessert, you can let yourself be seduced by sweet, chocolatey sins. And what would a meal on the alpine pasture be without a Zirben schnapps afterwards? But the Zirbe is not only a real treat for the palate, it is also good for body and soul.

In cosmetics, Swiss stone pine oil is a true anti-ageing weapon and for body care it is a soothing treat. Many athletes swear by the relaxing effect and have already relieved one or two tensions and sore muscles. These popular products are available from many suppliers in the region. We will be happy to inform you!

Swiss stone pine producers in the Murtal