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Seckauer Lebkuchen - Gingerbread

Gingerbread has a tradition in the region all year round, not only because pilgrims have always loved to take it with them for long hikes. Take your time to enjoy and find yourself in the world of almonds, nuts, honey, cinnamon and chocolate.

A visit to Seckau is inevitably linked to a visit to the café Regner, which is the main house of the gingerbread. Not only at Christmas time, there is a smell of cinnamon and sugar and you will be amazed how large the selection of different gingerbreads is.

Try the classics such as the gingerbread biscuits or the triple gingerbread, try the 6 different types of house mix - or let yourself be spoiled by the finest gingerbread confectionery. There are also gluten-free and vegan versions here.

Try completely different flavors - such as Elisen, apple maschanska, stone pine - truffle, wine biter, apricot, currant, nut-nougat-brittle, amaretto-marzipan, "Basler Leckerli", stone pine truffle-pumpkin seed, orange-marzipan, apple nougat, plum-nougat, etc.

In the house Regner there has been baking since 1660. Once founded as the courtyard bakery of the Augustinian Monastery of Seckau, today it is a successful family business in which quality, regionality and master craftsmanship are very important. As well as the masterly knowledge that is passed on from generation to generation, as well as the high-quality and regional raw materials that are processed in the specialties, are part of the success.