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Pumpkin seed oil from Styria

Styria is especially known for its pumpkin seed oil. The black gold belongs on every salad and gives it the typical taste that our guests love so much.

The green or also called black gold pumpkin seed oil from Styria is not only a highlight in terms of taste, but also contains many vitamins, minerals and trace elements. The high proportion of antioxidants and unsaturated fatty acids speaks for the good oil. Our regional farms process pumpkin seeds from their own farms. So you get a real pumpkin seed oil from the heart of green Styria.

Where can I get real pumpkin seed oil from the farmer?

You can get the pumpkin seed oils from our producers in our farm shops, in the small shops of our region and partly from the producers themselves.


  • Karl Scherz

Pumpkin seed oil from the Murtal, Styria

This is where the kernel oil is produced or sold by our Murtal producers!