• <p>Wenn die Kleinsten endlich im Bett sind.</p>
  • <p>Wenn die Kleinsten das Bett so richtig ausnutzen.</p> Copyright:
  • <p>Kissenschlacht ist vorprogrammiert.</p> Copyright:
  • <p>Die Kinder lieben es im Bett noch so richtig Spaß zu haben.</p> Copyright:
  • <p>In den schönsten Zimmern des Murtals kann man auch richtig Spaß haben.</p> Copyright:
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You are looking for a place to stay? Then take advantage of the countless possibilities that the region offers you.

Of course, it is often easiest to go to booking.com or one of the numerous online providers to find a room, but if you are looking for something special or need a room for a very special date, you are certainly right here.

online booking

You will find numerous offers from our landlords only on offer and not immediately bookable online - this is because many landlords have smaller structures and do not offer online booking processing. The advantage for you - there are often rooms available and there are no fees for the large platforms and so the rooms are cheaper.

family companys

The region offers a wide range of accommodation options, the only thing we lack are impersonal castles. Almost all businesses are family businesses and so you will be included as part of the family.

major events

Especially the big events at the Red Bull Ring (Formula 1, Moto-GP), Airpower or the major concerts pose challenges for the region in terms of capacity. Up to 100,000 people come to these events every day. We are pleased that you also want to take the opportunity to stay here and enjoy the events.

A few tips for finding accomodations at this time:

  • Write us an e-mail to info@region-spielberg.at with your room request. Don't start to write e-mails to singular hosts or to call them - we are in contact to all of them - also with hosts around. So the fastest way is to contact us.
  • The longer you stay, the greater is the chance of staying as close as possible.
  • Be flexible in the category - hotel rooms are scarce, especially for major events, but maybe a private room is also a good joice for you.
  • Use the shuttle services. Especially with the Moto-GP and Formula 1 there are shuttle connections to the train stations. So you can also travel comfortably from more distant places and, moreover, arrive without traffic jams and without looking for a parking space.
  • Be flexible in the distance! If you send us an offer, we invite our surrounding accomodations to send you non-binding offers.
  • Camping on site! If you have opportunities to camp, then use this variant, because you can hardly get that close.

We look forward to seeing you!